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The Still Bird Park (literary sketch)

парк тайбэй, taipei park, beitou, pink park, pink flowers, flowers on grass

Sometimes it suddenly feels like everything around you is mysterious. The wind awakens memories of old days and the grass on the lawn turns from green to a strange azure. So, during lunchtime I decided to take a…

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How make delivery to Russia without troubles?

ems russia, sending to russia, packages russia

Usually foreigner senders facing problems while sending packages to Russia (and another CIS countries). Instead of promised by express courier 4-7 days receiver doesn’t get your gift/goods for weeks and months… The explanation is simple: post services in…

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The secret ingredient in Chinese herbal products

куриный суп, китайский суп, китайские лекарства, китайские травы

Greenpeace published an article which warning us from consuming famous Chinese herbs. So, its a time to take away a veil of mystery of one more Chinese myth. Greedy Chinese farmers (don’t mix up with Taiwanese, article say…

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Natural farming experience

lotus fruit, ugly mushroom

I have never thought that I will have a chance to do farming with Buddhist monks. But sometimes life exceeds imagination. I guess everyone already knows about “organic products” and “organic agriculture” but about “natural farming” I personally…

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Japanese Encephalitis

передача энцефалита, вирус энцефалита

Most of foreigners who live in Taiwan for pretty long time do not know or ignore the fact that Taiwan is in Japanese encephalitis area. Up to 60% of infected people are dying in first 2 weeks of…

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Mobile recharge voucher

prepaid card asia, cellphone taiwan, phone balance

I wonder if many foreigners in Taiwan know that in South-East Asian shops you can buy prepaid card for cellphone with a greater discount than in convenient stores. Instead of recharging your phone balance in convenient store where…

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Taiwan Sunflower Movement

protest banners taiwan, taiwan protest, trading law china, taiwan china, taiwan democracy

Recently I had a chance to be a witness of historical event in Taiwan social life — The Sunflower Student Movement — few weeks protest against new trade agreement with Mainland China. Short introduction: 18 of March protesting…

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