How make delivery to Russia without troubles?

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Usually foreigner senders facing problems while sending packages to Russia (and another CIS countries). Instead of promised by express courier 4-7 days receiver doesn’t get your gift/goods for weeks and months…
The explanation is simple: post services in Russia is SUCK and additionally — troubled by corrupted custom. Custom officers wanna make everything to prevent happiness of poor Russian receiver.
While working in Taiwanese company which used to send tens of electronics samples monthly I’ve got kind of unique experience 🙂

The secret of successful (safe and fast) package delivery is to make it look like private.

Use this 4 simple GOLDEN RULES while sending packages to Russia and CIS and your package WILL be delivered!

1. Use EMS service. Slow but trustful and cheap + you get tracking number.
2. Mark as GIFT in application form.
3. NEVER use name of receiver company/media in application form or anywhere on package! Just personal names allowed!
4. Lower the price of goods in declaration. Leave its just as cheap as possible for the kind of the thing you are sending. But still please stay adequate. For example, don’t mark smartphone price as 3 dollars. It may cause questions of custom officer.  

P.S. You still can use UPS, FedEx, TNT or another services (DHL IS NOT SUGGESTED! As rumors says they still haven’t found mutual understanding with Russian custom) but please be noted that they may not deliver your package to small towns or even cities (as happens in Belarus where UPS for example deliver just to… airport!).
Save your time, costs and nerves.
Actually the situation is not so bad as may seems to be: I know Russian guy who constantly uses random China post for delivering expensive LED electronics for his business and its the same efficient as EMS but even cheaper!

ems russia, sending to russia, packages russia
Routine of Russian post…
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